Trusting a creative agency over a web agency means you receive a platform, providing an extension to your brand.

/ web design / A service that we deliver as part of an overall marketing or branding project.

“When built with clear goals on what the site is to achieve you will see the best results”.

There are hundreds of web design agencies out there. You may be asking how you choose one from another? If you’re looking for the lowest cost then we are not the creative agency for you. Save your time and use a freelancer. Our rates are tested in the local market. We are competitive and look to bring value into your business through the web design project. We can do this is by looking at the overall objectives of your investment into a new website. After all what business doesn’t want to see a return on their investment?

To carry out a successful web design exercise, several key services will be required. We start with the discovery phase, this is the process of understanding how your website fits into the ecosystem of competitors, stakeholders, and customers.  We then relate this to your sales and marketing goals and discuss the benefits of SEO Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads. If you have an online business then you will have a Woocommerce and E-commerce solution. If you are a new startup (SME) or an Entrepreneur, then a good choice is a cost-effective and scalable website built in WordPress. We are accomplished to take on large website projects. We have also successfully delivered large scales global websites for clients AMTD International and AMTD Digital. The number one Independent Investment Banking Firm In Asia. You can trust ipulse to handle copywriting, translation, photography and videography. As each milestone is met and a consistent brand DNA runs throughout the web design you will see the value in keeping everything under one roof. Our agency takes on every branding project as an opportunity to become a long term, invested partner in the growth of your business. We offer a full suite of brand management and marketing solutions.

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We equip brands to succeed online through our website design and marketing solutions which allow us to be a leading web design agency in Hong Kong.

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We work with WordPress for its agile and scalable CMS for any size of business. WordPress gives access to a vast library of plugins available to improve the functionality of any site. With thousands of developers and plugins constantly being developed. Your website will evolve and grow as your business grows.

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We can add WooCommerce to any WordPress site and set up a new store. With official extensions from WooCommerce Marketplace, we can extend the stores functionality. It comes with secure payments, configurable shipping options and is operational from anywhere using their mobile app.

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Support & Maintenance

We offer competitively priced annual subscriptions for dedicated support, keeping your site safe and running at optimum speed. Creating new website content by writing blogs posts and creating brand imagery will help your website stay relevant.

75% of people check out a new brand by first visiting its website.


There are two discovery phases. The first, when you pick up the phone and we speak for the first time. We will be asking you lots of simple questions to understand your web design project. The second discovery phase happens once we are engaged. We value a meeting with all the key decision-makers. This will help to clearly understand the timescale, vision and objectives for the branding project. We will then relate this to your sales and marketing goals, discussing the benefits of SEO Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads.


ipulse is built on IDEAS. When choosing a creative design agency, you need a proven creative team that has the experience and passion to create a unique brand for your business. Our work proudly showcases hundreds of original creative ideas. Proven to work across B2B and B2C industries. At ipulse we don’t pigeonhole our creativity into one genre.


We transform ideas into concepts. We present these by showcasing the brand across more than just a static image. Based on the project deliverables, we always try to present our concepts as interactive mockups. Making sure we relate the designs to the research. Our graphic design team will create eye-catching layouts with well thought out user experience (UX and UI). We then discuss the concepts with you. Welcoming all feedback and from there, decide upon a preferred direction in which to proceed.


The designs then move to a programming stage. Here the project management will be closely monitored to ensure everything is completed on time. Within this stage, all the clients content including text and imagery will be populated. With their brand assets added throughout. Our web design team will build custom templates and deploy the required add-ons or third-party integrations. User test comes after that ensuring everything works smoothly across all devices.


The website will come to life within a fully functioning development site. Hosted on the ipulse server for the client to user acceptance test (UAT). Once this phase is accepted we will move the website to our live server inclusive of web hosting. We offer the customer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the website is safe, secure and up to date.


With the new website live, we offer training on the use and upkeep of the platform. We can also help with further translation and development services. We always hope to stay working alongside you as a trusted partner. As your business grows, offering ongoing creative ideas will hopefully become essential. By the end of the project, there will be no other creative agency that will understand the inner workings of your brand more than we do.

WordPress now claim that 42% of the entire web is built on their platform.

Kind Words About Our Web Design Company

“Steven and the team at ipulse recently helped redevelop our new website and we could not be happier with the end result. Steven and his team were always just a phone call away if we had any questions or wanted to run an idea past them.”

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John Lenz Director at Caravel

“Steven and his team at ipulse created an amazing and versatile site for Index on Censorship. They were a strong team that united best practices in design and coding with responsive and thoughtful web development.”

Sean Gallagher Headshot
Sean Gallagher Head of Content at Index on Censorship

“Steven and his iPulse team have been fantastic to work with, from a service industry's perspective it was indeed a pleasure to see a company so focused on the customer. They listened to what we wanted, responded quickly and helped design a great website.”

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Brian Parfitt Director at Castelo Concepts

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