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Product & Brand Packaging Design

We have designed your new branding, the months of product sampling is over. Finally, your product is ready to hit the shelves and fly off them again! We have experience in designing packaging that will help drive sales for your business. 

We have been fortunate to help our clients on a vast array of packaging design assignments, across a range of B2B and B2C sectors. ipulse has successfully designed packaging for Luxury Chocolates in London for Specialty Coffees, Craft Beers, and Smart energy drink brands for the Hong Kong consumer. The challenges are always welcome and the design process we follow is a proven one to achieve results for our clients.

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As a creative design agency packaging can commonly fall under a full turn-key branding exercise for a new start-up or a rebranding project for an existing brand. The packaging design is one of the items needed alongside brand naming, brand identity design, brand positioning, brand guidelines, web design as well as the ongoing social media content creation and social media management.

We follow a full-service approach to help our clients, firstly there is the planning stage where the overall objective for the packaging is discussed and the list of services our agency offers are considered, these would commonly include; copywriting, translation, graphic design, photography, printing services and infographics. The importance of mapping out the timeline for the project from the initial design concept stage by our graphic design team to the handover of the final print-ready files to our printing services partners will all be carefully considered. Ipulse can project manage the entire process on the client’s behalf, bringing in key partners into the process so all moving parts are managed by one supplier and the client has the peace of mind that a consistent level of service and quality will be maintained.

We help our clients create packaging designs that will be unique to their projects by carrying out extensive market research, which will be a foundation for our graphic design team to conceptualise unique and engaging packaging designs. We will bring the clients vision for their product to life by typesetting in a professional and eligible format and where appropriate create custom infographics to engage the reader in key pieces of information within the packaging design.

Our graphic design team can take the concepts and draw out the accurate die-cut guides for the printer to follow and create mockups from. We offer a full mock-up and prototyping stage before the client moves to mass production. Where the client instructs us to, we are accustomed to using pre-existing factory die cuts and overlaying the new designs onto these files and liaise with the client print factory and project manage the process.

As an agency, we have a very hands-on relationship with many printing services in Hong Kong and China that specialise in a wide variety of print techniques. And well I have left the best part to last, we are self-confessed print geeks! A dying art in the graphic design industry, however, there is nothing more that we like better than having our heads in books of paper samples, feeling the different weights and textures and having deep and complex discussions with printers on how to create memorable finishes from their vast array of traditional and modern machinery.

If you choose packaging design with ipulse you can be assured you are in good creative hands!

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