Our marketing process will help define goals and objectives. Measure success and create leads or brand awareness.

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A results-driven creative process based on goals and objectives!
“We make it simple to share your ideas with your target audiences.”

We love to see ideas executed in the market. No matter your companies marketing strategy or goals we can support your company growth through a multi-channel strategy. Our marketing team is built on comprehensive planning, business focus, metric analysis and adaptive techniques. We can handle marketing campaigns that hit both online and offline channels. Making sure to maximise the exposure whilst considering the budgets set out during the planning stage.

The marketing stage of your journey could be the most important phase, yet often the most overlooked. Many clients invest in branding or web design but forget to think about how their customers will find their company or product. In turn, missing out on crucial ROI (Return On Investment). Once we have built your brand, inclusive of all the brand positioning, brand naming, logo design, brand identity design and web design we will develop a comprehensive roadmap of how, over the next 3, 6 or 12 months you will bring your new ideas to your audience.

If we decide that an online campaign is the best way to target your chosen demographics then we can look at videography, social media strategy and Google Ads. If an offline event is your end goal then event branding, social media management and printing services would be more suitable. At ipulse we have the ability to adapt and deliver the necessary resources and personnel to effectively target your business goals and objectives.

As your business grows, offering ongoing creative ideas will hopefully become essential. By the end of the project, there will be no other creative agency that will understand the inner workings of your brand more than we do. Having a dedicated outsourced marketing department offers your business a strong value proposition. Internal teams with senior talent, content developers, engineers, analysts are expensive and complex to manage. We’re here to help reduce marketing department costs by 70+%

Marketing Agency Work

We offer a full range of digital and traditional marketing services across B2B and B2C sectors. Find out how one of Hong Kong’s leading marketing agencies can help you today.

The Creative Process

Every creative design agency has one of these in place and claims it to be unique. Our process has been built through trial and error, care and attention, a lot of listening and constant refinement. What we have now is a well oiled creative process that is proven to deliver results.


In your marketing discovery session, we’ll learn about your business. Together we will analyse your goals and objectives. Where you are now vs where you want to be. We will be asking you lots of simple questions to understand your marketing objectives. Once we are engaged we will carry out extensive market research. Giving us a great insight into your business, personas and KPI’s. We value a meeting with all the key decision-makers. This will help to clearly understand the timescale, vision and objectives for the marketing project. We will then relate this to your sales and marketing goals.


We love ideas. Throwing everything and anything across the table in a bid to break new ground. We can show our experience with ideas that worked or rule out marketing executions that fell short of the mark. With the personas and KPI’s outlined our team will develop campaign ideas that will reach your intended audience. Here we can discuss the deliverables of the project. For offline marketing solutions, your campaign may incorporate packaging design, brochure design, PowerPoint presentation design. For online marketing solutions, it may include copywriting, videography or social media content creation.


We transform ideas into concepts or comprehensive documents to carry forward. It’s important we have consistency running through the entire marketing strategy. To carry out an effective campaign, the planning, project management and graphic design must all be working cohesively together. We discuss the concepts with you. Share “Work in Progress” documents and welcome all feedback during this stage. From here we review and adjust, tweaking where necessary the preferred direction.


Executing all the agreed deliverables on time is something we value highly. Whilst the graphic design and marketing teams are busy working on developing concepts. The project management will be closely monitored to ensure everything is working in accordance with the agreed milestones. This is the crucial stage where we can test our ideas and make adjustments to artwork before entering the final stages.


Marketing delivery differs from the other services we offer. Often a marketing campaign or marketing strategy will require a longer delivery timeframe. It could be that we are working together for months or even years to achieve what we set out to do. Successful marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a constant process that never sleeps. We set up our online marketing campaigns to track metrics. Real data we can analyse together, refine and improve.


With your marketing campaign underway, we don’t just walk away saying “job done”. This is an opportunity to stay working alongside you as a trusted partner to offer valued support. As your business grows, offering ongoing creative ideas or social media management will hopefully become essential. By the end of the project, there will be no other creative agency that will understand the inner workings of your brand more than we do.

Kind Words About Our Marketing Company

“We collaborated with iPulse to create a tagline, a series of key visuals, and promotional video to highlight our event across APAC via a digital communications campaign. What really impressed me about Steven, Ben and the team was that they took the time to understand who we are as a brand, and our strategy.”

Yasmin Chafra2 01
Yasmin Chafra Head of Campus France - Hong Kong

“Always great value, endless creative ideas and execution on time, every time. I first worked with Steven on World Carnival in Hong Kong and have since worked with him on a number of successful design projects across Music Matters and many other Branded projects.”

Michael Denmark Headshot
Michael Denmark Executive Chairman at Great Entertainment Group

“I have always found ipulse attentive, creative and have the ability to bring to life the briefs that I gave them. I would wholeheartedly recommend the team to anyone that is looking for big agency results with the boutique agency personal touch.”

Antony Phillips Headshot
Anthony Phillips Global Head of Partnerships at Great Entertainment Group

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