Peduli Anak Lombok Indonesia.

Every child in the world deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life, free from poverty, exploitation, and violence.

Peduli Anak Foundation helps underprivileged children in Indonesia by providing family-based residential care, education, family care, medical treatment, and legal support. Peduli Anak received a Grade A accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs.

Our Contribution.

To celebrate 10 years of Peduli Anak’s remarkable journey, we produced this book.

Our concept for the book was to tell two stories that meet in the middle. One side of the book you can start with the celebration of the wonderful work the foundation has achieved and to have an insight into how better the children’s lives are today. Flip the book around and you see the other side and the ongoing problem with street children in Lombok. The two covers are a harsh contrast as we wanted to show clearly the problem and the solution.

hermes creative awards 2017 platinum winner

Making a real life change.

Through our creative ideas, Aulia has a brighter future.

Thanks to our clients support we have been giving back by sponsoring Aulia’s full-time education. We believe every child has a right to education so make sure tuition fees, books, school supplies, and other school-related fees are taken care of.

Aulia Fasya Sabila, or known as Aulia, is the first child of three. Both her parents are labourers in a recycling company in the village near the foundation. Aulia joined Peduli Anak Primary School in 2016 as a first grader. She is very motivated to learn. Her favourite subject is Bahasa Indonesia. She enjoys colouring in her free time.

We hope Aulia, is the first child of many we can support over the next years.

See Others Like Aulia

Where we can, we try to give a little back. We would love to hear from you if you feel we could collaborate in some way.

Wallsend Boys Club Hong Kong

“More Than Football”

The objective of the club is to support young people living in Hong Kong through their involvement in organised sport and activity programmes. Play football and have access to facilities and coaches, learn how to play in a team and exercise more.

Live a more healthy life and enjoy simple things that most of us reading this took for granted.

Why are we involved?

With the wealth that exists in Hong Kong, every child should be given basic access to sport.

The team at ipulse have been involved in football since a very early age. We know first-hand the benefits it can give a child both on and off the pitch and we wanted to do our bit by giving back in any way we could.

Our Contribution

We have been supporting the club as a creative partner for five years.

Creatively we have supported the club with branding, web design, social media and marketing support in order for them to communicate their message and grow their network of support in Hong Kong.

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