Man holding BC Group annual and financial report design primary creative artwork
Man flipping pages of BC Group annual and financial report
Man flipping pages of BC Group annual and financial report
Man flipping pages of BC Group annual and financial report

Annual & Financial Report Design

The annual report design can be the most important piece of corporate communication each year. We understand the importance of creating a memorable design. Showcasing the companies achievements in a clear, concise and creative way.

We help clients define and create unique annual report layouts. Conceptualising front cover designs and producing creative assets including charts and graphs. Our graphic design team will create a full range of custom infographics. Ensuring your annual report will stand out from the crowd. Your reporting figures will be proud! Our team are often asked to handle the additional PowerPoint presentation design for the annual results. Usually, this will accompany the annual report and have the same overall concept. Sharing the fonts, colours, imagery and style of infographics appearing throughout the design layouts.

Learn More About Annual Report Design In Hong Kong

We follow a full-service approach to help our clients. Very similar to when creating a brochure design or book design. Firstly there is the planning stage. This is where the overall objective for the annual report is discussed. A list of services our agency offers are considered, These would commonly include; copywriting, translation, graphic design, infographics, photography and printing services. There is importance in mapping out the timeline for the project. From the initial design stage to the handover of the final print-ready files to our printing partners. All this will all be carefully considered in order for the clients delivery date to be achieved. ipulse can project manage the entire process on the client’s behalf. Bringing in key partners to the process will allow all moving parts to be managed by one supplier. Giving the client the peace of mind that a consistent level of service and quality has been maintained.

We help our clients create an annual report that will be unique to their project. Carrying out extensive market research will be a foundation for our graphic design team. Conceptualising unique and engaging annual report design layouts. We bring the clients vision for their annual report to life. Typesetting in a professional and eligible format and where appropriate creating custom infographics. We believe in engaging the reader in key pieces of information rather than telling them.

Our creative copywriting partners can be used to support the client’s team in creating the content. Alongside them, we offer a highly trained team of translation specialists. Ensuring consistent use of correct vocabulary throughout the annual report design.

The use of photography within the annual report design is an important visual ingredient. We will always push the importance of creative, consistent photography to all our clients. As part of the branding exercise, our team will suggest a suitable style and tone of the image. This is important to keep a clear style throughout the design layout. Alternatively, we will follow what is outlined in the clients brand guidelines.

We also have several partners across a wide range of photographic genres. All excel in capturing the client’s story and build a unique and tailored image library.

Finally, we have a very hands-on relationship with many printing services in Hong Kong and China. They all specialise in a wide variety of print techniques. We are confessed, print geeks! A dying art in the graphic design industry. However, there is nothing we like more than having our heads in books of paper samples. Feeling different weights and textures and having deep and complex discussions with printers. Creating memorable finishing from their vast array of traditional and modern machinery.

If you choose an annual report design with ipulse you can be assured you are in good creative hands!