ipulse creative agency Printing Services for Il Sole Mio
ipulse creative agency Printing Services for Il Sole Mio
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Menu Design Services

There is an art to successful menu design. Where you position the prices and how you choose to showcase your dishes can all drive sales. Not forgetting the cost implications of reprinting, updating and replacing menus, all of these tips and tricks we have discovered and are happy to share.

As an agency, we are proud to have created menu designs for some of the leading hospitality groups within Hong Kong. Spanning across the last 17 years we have had the pleasure to create menu designs for the likes of Outback Steakhouse, PizzaExpress, Eclipse Group and the Harilela Hospitality Group. Our passion for creating memorable menus that encapsulate the essence of the restaurant and charm of the individual brand has seen our designs appear on the dining tables within the UK, Dubai and Portugal.

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As a creative design agency, we are usually engaged to create the overall hospitality branding with the menu design being within a list of deliverables which usually include the creation of brand naming, brand identity design, brand positioning, brand guidelines, web design and the ongoing social media content creation and social media management.

We follow a full-service approach to help our clients, firstly there is the planning stage where the overall objective for the menu or sets of menus is discussed and the list of services our agency offers are considered, these would commonly include; graphic design, branding, marketing, photography and printing services. The importance of mapping out the timeline for the project from the initial design concept stage by our graphic design team to the handover of the final print-ready files to our printing services partners will all be carefully considered. ipulse can project manage the entire process on the client’s behalf, bringing in key partners into the process so all moving parts are managed by one supplier and the client has the peace of mind that a consistent level of service and quality will be maintained.

We help our clients create a menu design that will be unique to their restaurant and hospitality branding, the basis of this is from making sure as a team we carry out market research, which will be a foundation for our graphic design team to conceptualise unique and engaging menu design concepts. We will bring the concept for the menu design to life by typesetting in a professional and eligible format and showcasing the photography of the dishes.

Food photography for the menu and marketing purposes is usually is one of the most important visual ingredients when creating a stunning menu design. Our team can supply an accomplished food photographer and food stylist to work with your kitchen and organise a comprehensive food shoot to take place in your restaurant.

When designing a menu for a new client is is important to discuss where the menus will be kept? Is there a likelihood that the menu will be damaged easily? How often will the menu dishes and costs be updated? For many casual dining and new restaurants then the answer will be “yes and changes often as they understand their market”.

This would lead us to supply a creative menu casing concept with easily accessible pages that can be printed in house on a good quality stock paper and inserted by the staff, bringing a flexible and cost-effective solution to the restaurant.

If you choose to menu design with ipulse you can be assured you are in good creative hands!

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