Communicate Training

Helping people grow in confidence through communication

Communicate’s mission is to help people become more confident and effective communicators. They do this by working to improve communication skills, build relationships and foster development among individuals. We partnered with Melanie, Founder & CEO, to develop a brand that would reflect her energy, knowledge and passion for improving people’s communication skills.

Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / Branding Assets / Logo Design / WordPress / Website / Web Hosting / Support & Maintenance / Business Cards & Stationery Design / Keynote Presentation Design / Videography / Promotional Video

How we developed professional, fun and approachable branding for a new startup

When starting a branding journey with an individual or group of business owners, we approach the process the same. We listen, ask questions and let you tell us why your business, idea, product or vision matters to you and why it’s the best! We look at regional competitors, global brands doing a fantastic job, and even those we think aren’t. This research contributes significantly to understanding how we best position your brand and create something unique for you.

From there, we move from the discovery phase and into ideas. ipulse is built on them, so we never run out!

We then put together a presentation of ideas we feel could work in the market, each with different aesthetics and focusing on various elements of the story and giving you the broadest spectrum in which to deliberate. Here we find out whether the discovery phase has been in-depth enough or whether we need to correct the course of the ship. We go through a design and feedback loop several times until we’re happy with a concept to move forward.

How we developed professional, fun and approachable branding for a new startup

People + Communication + Growth

We wanted to create a logo mark that would become recognisable with the brand. Combining together 3 core elements of the business and representing them with a small icon meant that when combined we had that unique logo design that truly reflected the vision.

Through exploring colours and fonts we started to build up a clearer idea of how the brand would look across the series of corporate and marketing materials needed for launch. The imagery was also very important to consider at this stage as we wanted candid, relaxed yet inviting photography that spoke to the customer and related to them and their work environment.

Working with ipulse was brilliant! They helped bring the vision for my brand and website to life and I am thrilled with the end result. They were incredibly efficient and responsive, and guided me along the process, as this was all completely new to me. I highly recommend ipulse for anyone looking to start a business or elevate their current branding and online presence.

Melanie Staunton Founder & CEO at Communicate Training Co.

Design & Development of Keynote Presentations

Corporate materials such as Powerpoint Presentation Design, Rate Cards and Business Cards & Stationery Design are essential to get right when launching a new business. Consistency is vital, and your unique branding must be perfect across everything you produce if you want to make a memorable first impression.

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Editing a Promotional Video to highlight the services offered by Communicate

With nearly half the internet users looking for videos related to products and services before visiting a business, it is clear that video marketing has become an essential part of building customer trust. The right visuals and engaging promotional videos can help you capture more customers than ever before. Analytics show that when people are attracted to your page, they’re 80% likely to convert at first glance– so make sure everything has clarity in it!

Bespoke design & development of a WordPress Website

Almost every new business operating today needs some form of an online presence. A company that is looking to generate leads through SEO Search Engine Optimisation and Google Search needs a comprehensive website that outlines its services, communicates the company’s vision and unique selling points and stands up against its competitors. We developed a fully responsive, custom website built in WordPress so the client could take over the keys and update themselves in the future.