Your brand transcends mere visual elements; it serves as the vital link to manifest your mission and vision. At ipulse creative agency, our graphic design and brand strategy proficiency empowers us to metamorphose your brand into a priceless asset. It seamlessly communicates your brand narrative, etching an indelible mark on customers that transcends the mere transactional ‘checkout’.

Embark on a transformation journey by crafting your brand identity with ipulse creative agency. With 17 years of unwavering expertise, we have been the guiding light for a diverse clientele ranging from burgeoning startups to globally acclaimed corporations, all contributing to the evolution of businesses like yours.

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Why choose ipulse for your market positioning strategy?

Creating a solid consumer connection hinges on understanding your business position. Our dedicated team has partnered with various businesses that understood the need to adapt and transform their brands for success. We provide innovative, strategic, and forward-thinking solutions to streamline and enhance your brand strategy.

Strategic Expertise

Data-driven strategies for unique brand positioning that align with your goals and captivate your audience.

Proven Track Record

A trusted agency with a history of driving brand success through expert positioning strategies.

Customised Solutions

Personalised brand strategies for industry recognition and remarkable growth.

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What our customers have to say.

Solomon AdamovSolomon Adamov
06:08 20 Mar 24
Thanks Ipulse team and in particular Steve for extraordinary work and service. We did complete re-branding of an old Italian skin care brand and the end product looks amazing. Thanks .
Bart LeapBart Leap
05:55 28 Feb 24
Steven and his team have been great. They provided a thorough analysis of my digital marketing business and helped me come up with a fresh and clear brand identity
Habitat HokkaidoHabitat Hokkaido
03:08 15 Feb 24
Craney is a creative and experienced designer who understands Start-Ups! We teamed up with him again to help launch our Japan real estate business and the result is solid and striking.It catapulted Habitat Hokkaido to feature alongside long-established brands in our industry. Thanks again, Craney and your team for another superb job!
07:03 30 Nov 23
Helped with the development of our website and was a pleasure to work with. Very satisfied overall and would definitely recommend.
Alex EssonAlex Esson
00:58 12 Jan 23
ipulse were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to companies looking for website-related services.I engaged ipulse in 2022 to design and develop a website for my company in Hong Kong, which provides consulting services to financial institutions in Asia. In short, Steven and his team were brilliant. The team were incredibly proactive and efficient and were always happy to jump on a call to discuss the project and were flexible in meeting my demands. Over the coming years, I expect to continue to build upon the website created by ipulse and I will undoubtably engage them for future projects.
Martin WangMartin Wang
06:58 22 Dec 22
ipulse has just completed branding and website revamp projects for my organization. I would sincerely recommend ipulse because it is a brilliant creative agency with the combination of high quality design work, professionalism and efficiency. They're very professional in brand identity and web design.They discussed with us to get a good understanding of the business, conduct extensive research on competitors before they started on the design works. The work they eventually delivered was very high quality and very relevant to our business context and the culture of the target market. Working with Steven and his team is truly a nice experience.
Sally DellowSally Dellow
07:50 15 Aug 22
Teaming up with other bespoke, independent businesses that “punch above their weight” is one of the great joys of being an owner-led business. You, Ben and Goi were wise, fun, creative and pragmatic - and delivered a site we’re proud of - and that’s garnering positive feedback from clients. Thanks a million Steven Crane (Craney) and ipulse | Creative Design AgencyThanks very much
su xiaosu xiao
08:58 06 Jul 22
Working with ipulse has been a wonderful journey! The whole team is just so professional, so imaginative and really dedicated to creating something new and inspiring. They help us to visualize our business vision and more than that, they bring out the uniqueness of our brand identity. Highly recommended!
Byron WongByron Wong
10:23 05 Jul 22
Steven and his team immediately analysed our needs to create a differentiated brand identity. Compared to other branding agencies, Ipulse produced intelligent substance instead of superficial eye candy.
Sally DellowSally Dellow
06:48 29 Jun 22
What a joy it’s been to work with Craney, Ben and Goi. Such an easy exchange of ideas. They’re creative, collaborative, patient and pragmatic. They’re also generous with advice and guidance and really responsive. And they do lovely work.Definitely our go-to team now.
Simon GalvinSimon Galvin
04:32 13 Jun 22
As we looked at how best to bring the Cleatskins brand to Asia, we really were starting from scratch. I’d heard about Ipulse through various networks and knew they had experience bringing products to market through creative campaign work. They were excellent from the start, clearly understood our brand and ambition for the business and how to execute the ideas we brainstormed together. They developed a campaign strategy to launch the brand that covered social media marketing, web design, photography, videography and overall branding and graphic design disciplines. We now have a solid foundation for our product that we can build upon over the coming seasons.Would recommend them to anyone. They are a great team who I have thoroughly enjoyed working with
mauhei huimauhei hui
02:36 10 Jun 22
I highly recommend Ipulse for a startup company! They have helped me to prepare everything I need. I reached out to them when I had no idea about marketing. We talked through all the process and made a comprehensive plan, more importantly, tailored to my needs! I am very satisfied with their services, including the logo design, website idea and creation, filming, social media planning etc. Excellent artwork and well organised! I dont need to worry about the progress because they always finish the things on time. They are just amazing!!!
Melanie StauntonMelanie Staunton
03:14 12 May 22
Working with ipulse was brilliant! They helped bring the vision for my brand and website to life and I am thrilled with the end result. They were incredibly efficient and responsive, and guided me along the process, as this was all completely new to me. I highly recommend ipulse for anyone looking to start a business or elevate their current branding and online presence.
hiu ching sinhiu ching sin
08:36 24 Mar 22
iPulse is a great creative agency, their team gave us a clear and efficient brief and instructions to us and produce high quality work. We are very satisfied with the outcome and we will definitely find them for our next project!
Adrian LiAdrian Li
09:05 29 Oct 21
It has been a true pleasure working with the ipulse team. Steven and Ben are excellent in bringing the vision of a firm to life and executing on every element of our project needs within a tight timeline. I am proud of the branding and thanks to Steven and his team my firm's website is both functional and beautiful. I highly recommend using ipulse as one's go-to branding agency.

Our proven market positioning process

While each brand process is distinct, certain consistent elements must be carried out. At ipulse, we adhere to a distinct six-step brand refresh approach.

1. Research & Analysis

Through deep brand immersion, client consultations, goal exploration, and extensive market research, we establish the bedrock for your brand identity journey, ensuring a solid understanding of your brand’s essence.

2. Unique Value Proposition

We define what truly distinguishes your brand, encapsulating it in a captivating UVP that sets you apart in your industry.

3. Brand Personality

Craft a brand persona that aligns seamlessly with your UVP and resonates with your target audience, enhancing brand connection.

4. Messaging Strategy

Develop a consistent and compelling messaging framework that effectively communicates your brand’s unique value, delivering a resonant brand voice.

5. Implementation & Testing

Roll out your positioning strategy across various marketing channels, while collecting feedback for ongoing refinement and enhancement.

6. Evaluation

Regularly assess the effectiveness of your positioning, making strategic adjustments to maintain relevance and competitiveness in the ever-evolving market landscape.

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Frequently asked questions.

Brand positioning is how a company establishes its distinct identity in the minds of consumers. It’s the unique space a brand occupies in the market, defined by its values, messaging, and relevance to the target audience.

Brand positioning is crucial as it differentiates a brand from competitors, shapes consumer perceptions, and influences buying decisions. It creates a memorable brand identity, fostering customer loyalty and market success.

A UVP is a concise statement highlighting what makes a brand exceptional. It’s crafted by identifying your brand’s unique qualities, and benefits, and addressing customer needs better than competitors.

The target audience is central to brand positioning. Understanding their preferences, needs, and aspirations is essential to tailor your brand’s message and identity to resonate with them effectively.

Common brand positioning mistakes to avoid include a lack of thorough research, leading to misguided strategies, inconsistency in brand messaging, which confuses consumers and weakens identity, overcomplicating your brand’s position, potentially alienating customers, and neglecting customer feedback and market trends. Copying competitors rather than finding your unique niche can lead to obscurity, and failing to adapt to changing market conditions can hinder long-term success.