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Working with the team at Dramatic Difference was a pleasure from start to finish. We embarked on an extensive web design rebuild from the ground up with a solid SEO Search Engine Optimisation strategy at its core. Their energy and honesty towards leadership & team training and a unique approach to theatre-led learning kept the project fun from start to finish.

Branding Assets / WordPress / Website / Web Hosting / Support & Maintenance

Walking the tightrope between theatrical performance and the corporate workplace.

What Dramatic Difference do for businesses and corporations of all sizes and industries is unique. They needed a visual language to capture their fun, energetic and colourful personalities to represent their approach. Graphic Design is at the heart of everything we do, so we love it when a web project requires support from it. We paired two personas in each artwork, one from a corporate world and another from a relaxed lifestyle. We then added their brand colours and highlighted a few elements of the corporate image to bring some fun to the quirkiness of the composition. 

The result was a mix of sensible playfulness. An idea the team behind the business experiment a lot with their methods. Highlight real situations at work with role-playing and bring the world of theatre to them to better understand how to respond.

Rebuilding the house from the ground up.

We then moved on to an audit of their current website. We were looking at the structure of the site, its authority online and how it ranked against its competitors. This was crucial to understanding why we needed to rebuild the website and how best to structure the site behind the scenes.

We looked at how best to arrange the content, under what pages and headings and how the UX/UI of the website would affect how visitors interact with the website. Historically they acquired business through word of mouth and by being a leader in the field. We wanted to open this up and generate leads through middle-management enquiries. Being visual at all costs was the objective. We then built a strategy around keyword clusters, how best to create the website content to accommodate these and to maximise the on-page SEO.

What a joy it’s been to work with Craney, Ben and Goi. Such an easy exchange of ideas. They’re creative, collaborative, patient and pragmatic. They’re also generous with advice and guidance and really responsive. And they do lovely work. Definitely our go-to team now.

Sally Dellow Managing Director at Dramatic Difference

Online learning. Adding a new dimension to the future of Dramatic Difference

Online learning has become a great way to reach an audience that you otherwise couldn’t connect with, either through price or location. Dramatic Difference is planning to offer its services as both paid and free online courses to subscribed members of its website. We integrated LearnDash with the new build to host all online material, handle payment and organise all memberships. It’s the number one online learning platform for WordPress websites.

All our websites are fully responsive and built to the latest industry specifications for WordPress. Supported and maintained on our dedicated CDN platform, we now have an ongoing partnership with Dramatic Difference to back them for all future online and offline plans.

View the live website here