Creating a corporate website for a fast-growing technology company focusing on environmental sustainability in Asia for B2B & B2C customers.

We were approached by Cornerstone Technologies (HKG:8391) to take part in a six-way agency pitch to provide an overall “reposition” of their companies brands. We were awarded the contract in July 2020 for six months. The project covered all of their business lines of EV Charging, Energy, Recycling and IT.

One of the critical components to the rebrand was to deliver a new corporate website design for the company. 

2020 -2021
Web Design / WordPress / Copywriting / Translation

The first step is to analyse the current website structure and data. Once the pain points are identified, we can think about solutions.

We strategically had sub-teams solely responsible for the UX and UI, web design, programming, copywriting, translation, content migration and user acceptance testing. We used online project management software, every individual in the team had precise tasks and deadlines.

We had one project manager overseeing all the sub-teams and keeping track of the overall timeline. 

We chose WordPress for its agile and scalable CMS. WordPress has a vast library of plugins available to improve functionality. When you pair this with Elementor, we can deliver a professional solution quickly for the client to review.

We built a custom responsive menu for desktop and mobile, with multilayers and scrolling functions providing easy navigation.

We start with a sitemap structure and develop a user flow for the site. Working with the client, we identify which pages are most important. Following a new site map and a list of UX improvements, our designers started designing a solution for the navigation. From there, we map out frameworks for the design layouts to navigate the user intuitively through the website.

EV Made Possible

Energy Renewed

Streamlined Business Solutions

Designing intuitive layouts which work for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Maintaining clear brand consistency and delivering immersive experiences was our goal. Our graphic design team worked on a series of design templates for the entire site.

We wanted to have a home page to convey a lifestyle brand. We achieved this by creating a brand video and clearly showcasing the sub-brands. Once the visitor navigates into the sub-brand areas, the design of the page changes. The products are visually impactful, and the team took advantage of the movement designers can create when working with Elementor. This proved to be a great way to display a lot of text in small readable amounts. As the viewer scrolls, the text transitions into the page.

Consistency across the brand language and band visuals are the keys to a successful online brand.

Steven Crane founder & director of ipulse

Creatively writing and designing rich new content to appear throughout the website.

Our team managed the brand content writing for the entire website. Writing content about the business and its extensive line of products. Spanning EV Charging, Energy, Recycling & IT. Imagery and graphics needed were created by our graphic design team to fit the new layouts. Content insertion and associated styling for approximately 80 pages in total. We tested the data and image cleanse pre-launch and carried out the best SEO practices. The site included Google Analytics code for local tracking/analytics.

Once the final website was signed off, our team handled the migration to the clients live server. Due to the client being behind schedule we kept the staging server for us to start the translation project. The translation team can work directly through the WordPress CMS using the WPML plugin. The final website we delivered was capable of dual-language to review across all devices.

Once again, the team proved their experience invaluable in bringing a quality project to market for a client in record time.

The website was part of the overall rebranding exercise we carried out on the business. You can see that project here.