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PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

Your company PowerPoints are out of date. They lack consistency, creativity and overall brand messaging and your competitors are leaving you behind. Our team create unique custom presentations featuring all necessary creative assets including charts and graphs and infographics for your business.

We help clients define and create custom PowerPoint Presentation templates based on their brand. Our experienced team can work with you to redefine clear brand guidelines in the use of corporate fonts, colours, image choice and typesetting. Our team can set up professional Slide Masters so your team all work on the same templates and a consistent look and feel is kept. No longer will you be looking through your fingers in embarrassment as another member of staff has come in with their own self proclaimed design masterpiece to present to a client!

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Our team are commonly engaged to create PowerPoint presentation designs for B2B and B2C clients across a broad spectrum of industries, most commonly financial investment, beverage and hospitality. These sectors often have complex information which needs a creative eye and analytical mind to design a layout that can translate information in a creative and informative style.

We take on PowerPoint design projects in various scenarios:

Scenario one: A company will approach ipulse with a tired and out of date PowerPoint presentation and supply our team with their existing corporate brand guidelines and brand identity. Our professional team will reskin their document using Slide Masters featuring modern and informative layouts featuring consistent system font styles and sizes, colours and imagery. ipulse will commonly supply a set of custom graphs and charts to match the new look and feel for the clients team to use and implement in-house in the future.

Scenario two: A department head of a company owner will approach ipulse in the need of quick turnaround assistance with their urgent PowerPoint presentation. Most commonly this process will be undertaken in person, one on one to quickly understand their design pain points and objectives. Most commonly this is a case of our graphic design team taking the final presentation from the client and supplying a new gloss over the top. By bringing in engaging imagery, recreating clear graphs and charts and supplying consistency across the design layouts then the client’s presentation is evaluated to a professional level ready for them to present. This turnaround is commonly within 24 to 72 hours!

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