Fresh Accounting

As one of Asia’s fastest growing and leading independent accounting firms, Fresh Accounting needed an online presence that would set them aside from the competition.

Specialising in accounting, financial control, CFO, and business transformation, and operating across Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Nepal. We set to rebuild their website from the ground up, implementing a new SEO Search Engine Optimisation strategy and leaving their old Wix website in the past.

WordPress / Website / Web Hosting / Support & Maintenance / SEO

A fresh approach to Xero's platinum partner

The business of accounting is often thought of as a tedious, number-crunching expense that businesses need but don’t always want. Fresh Accounting turn that on its head with vibrant and digital solutions to bring accounting and simplicity together. To match this business acumen, we needed a functional website that would generate leads and showcase the multitude of services Fresh had to offer. Each of these services would then serve as a landing page to drive search traffic.

Coming out of a Covid-affected environment, and with many businesses relocating or relying on remote working. Adapting to this new landscape was incredibly important for the team at Fresh Accounting. Always looking for new ways to generate leads and drive the company forward meant looking at how its potential customers search for accounting services online and what they look for in an accounting partner.

Working on the Fresh Accounting website was great for us. Working closely with the business owner always ensures the vision of the project is established right from the off making the milestones clear and achievable. Fresh are a great, forward-thinking and innovative accounting company that look to leverage efficiency through their software partnerships and industry knowledge.

Ben Browning Design Director at ipulse Creative Agency

Generating leads outside of the normal networking channels.

Working alongside our SEO partner, we designed and built the new WordPress website to best channel users through the relevant content and towards making contact. Fresh had traditionally done most of their new business through referrals, networking and event sponsorship, so this was unchartered yet exciting new ground for them.

We kept one foot in their brand whilst building a new aesthetic for the company. Opting to ditch the generic stock imagery of piggy banks and calculators for vibrant lifestyle photography that reflected their potential customers. We follow a clean, white and grey colour palette, accenting buttons, hover text and call-to-action banners with their Fresh lime green. The overall website gives a ‘Fresh’ new look to the brand and a functional foundation to go forward and build on the digital strategy we implemented.