Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is a results-driven process based on goals and objectives. Explaining a clear strategy helps you understand your current market position. We will help you know what to post and when to post across the most suitable social channels.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram? We know it is a mind field, and we will advise on what platforms will bring the best results to your business.

We will develop a comprehensive roadmap over a 3, 6 or 12 months period. Set out transparent pillars of content to write about and create a monthly social media calendar to follow. Providing social media content creation as a service will fill your feeds with rich and engaging content and grow your followers.

Through monthly social media management, we will maximise exposure whilst considering the budgets set out during the planning stage. We will help you to define goals and objectives, measure success, and ultimately, create more leads or increase brand awareness.

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Need A Sensational Social Media Strategy? You’ve Come To The Right Place

Social media is changing the way millions of people around the world learn, play, and connect. It’s giving brands and businesses a way to show what’s truly going on behind the scenes of their audience’s favourite services or products. It gives audience members a way to share their love – or their hate – for certain companies. With so much power, social media platforms are one of the best ways to market and promote your business.

However, you’ll need to know exactly what you want to achieve – and what you’re willing to do to achieve it – when it comes to creating a social media strategy that works. iPulse Creative Agency is here to help you do just that and so much more. We’ll help you determine your exact brand positioning, values, and unique selling points to help you communicate them in the best way possible!

Choose The Right Channels

When you think about posting content on social media, you might imagine creating a cool design, adding your logo, writing a quick caption, and sharing it on every possible platform to get the most exposure. However, you need to know how to create a social media strategy that helps you target your actual customers, drives them to action, and doesn’t waste your valuable time or resources. We’ll help you start looking at which audiences you want to target with your social media content and give you clear guidance about which platform your specific audience uses the most.

Have A Proper Plan

If, for example, your target audience mostly uses Instagram to consume content and connect with brands, you can’t simply post random content on Insta whenever you’d like and expect incredible results. You need to know what to post, when to post, and how to share it to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and social media content creation, we know things like posting people-centric photos or content on Instagram between 11am and 2pm on a Wednesday is the most effective strategy for maximum engagement!

Set A Strategy For The Future

Once you start working with iPulse Creative Agency, we’ll create a clear roadmap for the next three, six, and twelve months. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive and well-designed social media content calendar that will help you plan, post, and promote your content with ease.

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ipulse Creative Agency has worked with businesses of a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve worked with global corporations who wanted to align their social media presence with the overall business goals, and we’ve worked with young start-ups who needed to create their very first social media presence! No matter how big or small your business, we’ll approach your social media strategy with the same level of excitement and professionalism.

Reach out to our team today for more information about how we’ll help you create a social media strategy that works for your unique business.

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