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Rebranding is an exercise that most businesses will go through at least once in their lifetime. Our creative agency can help you understand how your brand fits into the ecosystem of competitors, stakeholders, and customers.

Creating new brand positioning, brand naming and conceptualising a brand identity design will inject new life into a tired brand.

With 17 years of experience, our work showcases an extensive range of clients, from independent start-ups to established multinational corporations. Hundreds of companies across the globe have entrusted ipulse with B2B and B2C rebranding assignments.

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Rebranding your business is a bold and intelligent move. It takes a lot of consideration, time and commitment. Maybe your current brand doesn’t truly reflect your ethos, or maybe your business direction has changed. It’s not all negative, however. Maybe your business started with a set budget that has got you this far, and now you’re ready to flick it up a gear!

Alternatively, you work for a large scale business, and the board members have decided it is time to refresh. Are you tasked with finding relevant agencies with the experience and portfolio of work to partner on the project?

The message from the top is that the current brand no longer communicates the right ideas to your audience. They require something fresh, something new. A creative design agency to re-energise their brand. Together we will rebrand the business and empower them towards their adjusted business goals.

There are several steps required to carry out a successful rebranding exercise. We start with the brand positioning. This is the process of understanding how your brand fits into the ecosystem of competitors, stakeholders, and customers. Developing a tailored brand strategy helps understand where a brand has been, its current market position and its long-term goals. We will also explore the benefits of professional market research, brand naming or brand content writing within these stages. With these foundations successfully in place, our team can conceptualise your brand identity. We will accompany comprehensive brand guidelines for your business. Our agency takes on every branding project as an opportunity to become a long term, an invested partner in the growth of your business. We offer a full suite of brand management and marketing solutions.

If you are looking for a quicker process, please take a look at our logo design service page without all of the stages above.

We follow a full-service approach with our clients. There is great importance in mapping out the timeline for the project. From the initial design stage to the handover of the final print-ready files, we consider everything. Every step is planned to achieve the delivery date.

ipulse will project manage the entire process on the client’s behalf. We are bringing in key partners for added services, including brand content writing, translation or web design. We value good service; giving you the client peace of mind is a top priority.

A common request is to produce brand guidelines with standard inclusions of Business Card & Stationery Design. Within this scope of work, our graphic design may be called upon to make corporate marketing materials. We can rebrand collaterals across Brochure Design, Powerpoint Presentation Design and Annual Reports with supporting infographics.

Clients value our graphic design teams expertise. We ensure a consistent brand DNA runs throughout their offline and online presence.

Finally, we have a very hands-on relationship with many printing services in Hong Kong and China. They all specialise in a wide variety of print techniques. We are print geeks! A dying art in the graphic design industry. However, there is nothing we like more than having our heads in books of paper samples. Touching and feeling different weights and textures and having deep and complex discussions with printers. Combining traditional and modern techniques, we can create memorable outcomes.

If you choose rebranding design with ipulse, you will realise you are in excellent hands!

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