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Infographics Design Services

Investing in a set of custom design infographics can turn a good piece of design into an engaging and results-driven design, capable of producing a return on your investment. 

Our agency has helped dozens of clients across a host of B2B and B2C industries make custom and memorable two- dimensional and three-dimensional graphic visual representations of their data. These infographics appear commonly in the layouts of whitepapers, ebooks, annual reports, brochures, PowerPoint presentation designpackaging design and web design services.

If you are looking for an extremely effective way to deliver a key brand message, product information or explain a business process, then look no further than a professionally designed infographic to deliver on that promise.

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Since the explosive obsession with big data, the need for conveying important and sometimes complex data quickly and has given way to a whole new graphic design specialism called infographics. The manic scramble for custom infographics is upon us with a whole list of companies offering affordable, ready to use downloadable infographics to customers on a one-off or prescription basis.

The manic scramble for custom infographics….

Customisation is where we believe the key value in an infographic lies, the purpose of the design process is to capture the reader’s attention to key pieces of information and relay that information quickly and effectively for the reader to engage and formulate an action or emotion in response.

Let’s say that information is some key statistics around your business performance that you wish to push out in an informative manner through your social media content creation. The first objective is for the creative to stand out! How we can do this is to look at your brand assets and customise the look and feel of the infographic specific to your brand.

Think about it? How many times have you scrolled through LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and seen the same free stock photos being used to try and sell a magnitude of products? Subconsciously you find yourself scrolling your thumb aimlessly down the feed passing past these companies wasting their time and money on their online marketing campaigns. The same effect is comparable with infographics, companies settling for the same stock versions and swapping out the data and crossing their fingers and hoping it will create a reaction from the end-user.

By concentrating on your brand, colours and fonts our graphic design team can make a whole series of customised infographics that may appear within an annual report or company website.

Design that speaks for itself

Animated or video-based infographics should be a part of every designer’s content marketing strategy.

Whether it is an online course you are creating or a TED talk, we have the tools to produce high-quality content in whatever format you want — without having to hire an expensive team of animators or videographers. Once we have mapped out the story and executed the design, with one click, your message will unfold and engagingly deliver your key message.

Whether you are developing a website explanation video or creating a branding pitch, animations and motion graphics are an accessible way to engage and inform your target audience with key information in a short and interactive period.

We have seen great advancements in custom interactive infographics and one recent example we received highlights where we believe the future of this technology will belong across branding, marketing, graphic design and web design.

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