What can we offer?

Our team provide the creative and technical services you need to take your startup to the next level. From website development and graphics to logo design and marketing. We have the expertise to help you create a successful online presence.

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Startup Branding & Logo Design

Are you looking to make a great first impression with your company or brand?

You’ve got the product, and now you need a logo that will help people remember it. A good logo is important for building trust and loyalty in your customers. It can be the difference between someone remembering your business or forgetting about it entirely.

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Corporate Branding

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Rebranding

Startup Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of communication. It’s a way to communicate ideas, stories, and messages through images.

We’re here to help you make your vision come alive with beautiful graphic design. Design that will get you noticed and drive sales. We want every piece of collateral we create to bring in more leads, increase conversions, and boost revenue.

  • Infographics

  • Brochure Design

  • Packaging

  • Business Cards

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Printing

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We welcome any and all enquiries.
Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation and discuss your project.

We Are Serious About The Process

Every creative agency has one of these in place. We have refined our process through trial and error, care, attention and listening. We now have a well-oiled creative process that is proven to deliver results.

Launch into Discovery

We will be asking you lots of simple questions to understand your branding project. We strive to clearly understand the timescale, vision and objectives for the project. We will then build this around your sales and marketing goals or web design requirements.

We're built on ideas

When choosing a branding agency, you need a proven creative team. With the experience and passion for creating a unique brand for your business. Our work proudly showcases hundreds of original creative ideas. Proven to work across B2B and B2C industries.

Get the ball rolling

We transform ideas into concepts. We always show our concepts across multiple outputs. Brand identity, brand positioning, and a choice of photography and web design if the project requires. We then discuss the ideas with you.

Keeping the flow

Executing all the agreed deliverables on time is something we value highly. We work quickly but efficiently to execute on our agreed timeline.

Over to you

What we create together you own. At the end of the project, we will professionally deliver all materials. They will be packaged to industry standards and delivered alongside brand management support should you require it. 

We're here to stay

We’re more than happy to stay working alongside you as a trusted partner. As your business grows, offering ongoing creative ideas will become essential.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Startups

With the role of a branding agency forever changing, we still feel that an agency’s essence should firstly be ideas. Followed by a willingness to listen, understand and align themselves with your business and objectives to support your goals creatively.

Our clients value having one central contact for all their creative needs. Productivity increases, the process is streamlined by having one main line of communication. Most importantly, one creative director oversees the creatives, so everything we design has a consistent style and brand DNA.

Branding is an extensive list of graphic design related choices, processes and executions around but not exclusive to a company, a person or a product. It can help a company convey their ethics or tell a story on the first visit to its website. It can help an actor portray that they are not just an actor and can do more than one line of work, or it can also help position a product to an audience through photography and a lifestyle alignment. Branding has become far more significant than a logo on a business card.

A logo is an item on a list of deliverables that a creative design agency should supply when undergoing a branding project. Nevertheless, a logo is an essential part of your companies image but should not be the primary focus if branding is what you require.

Branding can and often does take many months to complete. Depending on the scope of work and deliverables required from the client, the creative agency may have to undergo substantial market research, analysis, creative development, execution and so on to achieve the desired result. The costs are generally a result of time, personnel and the trust that you will receive a professional outcome.

A creative design agency can efficiently carry out branding if both parties are clear on the deliverables. Generally speaking, a branding exercise for an SME business could take between 3-4 months. The added time often comes from a disjointed feedback loop, a misguided brief or a change of direction.