Google Ads

Google Ads

A Google Ad campaign is one of the most brilliant and cost-effective ways to promote your business and attract new customers. Most people don’t know what google ads are, let alone how they work – but we’re here to tell you!

Google Ads can be extremely effective – if done properly – and will amplify your brand awareness like nothing else. A google ad is a small text advertisement that appears at the top or on the side of google search results (or elsewhere on google). They’ve been around for years, but it’s only relatively recently that more small businesses have begun using them as part of their marketing strategy.

For those of you looking to get on board with google ads, we highly recommend working with a creative design agency, such as us.

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Google Ads as a form of marketing is becoming more and more popular; Google search queries have grown 40% in the last year, with brands showing their products and services through the Google Ads network. 

The number of internet users searching Google to find information has also increased by 20%. This shows that Google Ad campaigns can be effective for companies that use them as part of their marketing strategy. Since Google is a widely used search engine, increasing your brand awareness on the most commonly used platform makes sense.

For Google Ad campaigns to be successful, they need to be simple and target specific keywords or key phrases related to the business in question.

Google Ads campaigns are an excellent marketing medium, but some factors need to be considered before starting. For example, the price of keywords tends to fluctuate depending on the market and how competitive any particular keyword or phrase is. This can sometimes prevent smaller companies from successfully pushing their products out. 

Often companies make the mistake of using keywords that are too broad, which can leave your business in ranking for search terms that may not be directly related to your industry or service. As a result, your website won’t appear highly on Google page rankings.

That said, this shouldn’t stop you from trying your best! If you don’t have a significant marketing budget, spend time yourself researching keywords within your industry. It may take more time, but it will pay off eventually; you’ll learn more about the complex Google Ads network, and you’ll save some value pennies.

If you have a healthy marketing budget, it’s good practice to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) alongside Google Ads; however, SEO is a long game. It takes time, and companies that don’t have this luxury should focus first on investing in Google Ads.

To successfully grow your business, we would advise a holistic approach that brings Google Ads into a greater overall strategy. Typical services would include Copywriting, Social Media Strategy and Social Media Content Creation.

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