Driving Participation for an online event amidst Covid-19 restrictions.

We were engaged in working alongside the team of CampusFrance in Hong Kong. Part of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau.

The client was looking for a communication agency to provide them with support in creating communication content for one of their upcoming events called “Automne Asiatique”. Campus France’s headquarters in Paris organised them.

The online event took place throughout the entire APAC region and lasted 4-5 days. They allowed French university representatives to virtually meet with institutions and students in Hong Kong through a series of different events during the week.

CampusFrance in Hong Kong | Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau
Event Branding / Copywriting / Social Media Content Creation

A career highlight to follow in such esteemed branding talents.

Event branding was, unfortunately, becoming a distant memory for a lot of us in 2020. As the pandemic swept the globe and with restrictions on large gatherings taking a hold of the event industry it forced many organisers to seek other ways to bring people together, share ideas and highlight industry opportunities. Luckily for us, the concept of event branding remained the same. Catch the eye of the target audience. Convey the information of the event. Direct them to sign up and get involved.

FRANCE IS WHERE... insert catchy tagline here

The concept we developed was focused on the idea of comparisons. Highlighting the subject and course fields that the University offered and made them relevant to the audience in Hong Kong. Pairing relatable imagery of each country with a campaign tagline we developed in-house helped bridge the gap between the audience and the event we were advertising.

We collaborated with iPulse to create a tagline, a series of key visuals, and promotional video to highlight our event across APAC via a digital communications campaign. What really impressed me about Steven, Ben and the team was that they took the time to understand who we are as a brand, and our strategy.

Yasmin Chafra Head of Campus France - Hong Kong

Endless combinations of tagline, content and imagery.

When working on a marketing campaign we always try and develop our creative concepts with flexibility. We feel having multiple assets and ways in which to convey different, yet consistent messaging is incredibly important to a successful online marketing campaign. If the same artwork, message and tagline are shown repeatedly, people tend to get annoyed, dismiss the campaign or even resent the brand. We always try and offer multiple ways to build and develop the creative concept, to help the client execute on their chosen channels.

We created a tagline and key visual that was developed across a full suite of brand assets. The most engaging being an event promo video. The client could use this across their social channels to drive participation to the online event.

The client reported successful sales to their event through the campaign that was promoted across the MTR network, social channels and direct marketing.

We worked closely alongside Campus France in Hong Kong and in association with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau to put together this campaign which was a truly enjoyable experience. Since then we have worked on a University brochure together to highlight their courses and scholarships in France.