We love the opportunity to partner with brands and take on projects that are new. Pairing an old brand launching in a different market, especially one you’re customer-facing makes it all the more exciting!


The brand itself was to remain untouched, but we had the opportunity to re-launch the brand with a series of campaigns aimed to catch attention, raise awareness that Cleatskins is back in operation and ultimately sell some products!

Brand Positioning / Brand Strategy / Taglines Creation / Web Design / Shopify / Social Media Management / Social Media Strategy / Photography / Videography


Primary tagline

We started with a marketing strategy. The goal was to create a launch campaign that would give the brand and us the flexibility to develop content under three distinct core pillars. We listened and learned the product’s USPs and researched previous marketing campaigns, key visuals, and consumer engagement to decide on an approach to take for the launch.


The three core focuses of the campaign were:

Quick & Easy – Highlighting the product’s ease of use

Durable & Protective – Focus on the quality of design & materials

Style Points Included – Not only do they perform but they look awesome



Secondary taglines

Having a set of taglines that represented the brand was vital for developing a flexible campaign that could pull from a reserve of resources to support the content. Taglines, unique selling points, photography, hero banners, colour palettes and typography were all developed to serve this purpose.

Building a brand. Creative photography was the cornerstone of the campaign

Being a single piece of moulded silicone, we had to get creative with how we showcased the versatility, function & range of colours of Cleatskins. We spent a day suspending the products using fishing wire to develop the proper angles we needed to take into post-production. Pairing the brightly coloured Cleatskins with boots of a contrasting colour was also considered to highlight one of the product’s three core pillars.

Let's see them in action

Aside from studio photography, we produced two sets of lifestyle photographs to create a bank of imagery that we could call upon over the following months to use for social media, promotional artworks, and use across the website.

We focused on both the individual Cleatskins themselves in a suitable environment and incorporating kids into the shoot created more relatable subject matter for the images. This also allowed us to highlight the three core pillar functions of the products, further strengthing the impact of the photography.

Developing campaign Key Visuals

Creating a series of campaign key visuals was essential to create impact, build awareness and hit the market with visuals that would sell the product. In a world of saturated marketplaces, fighting for space on social media feeds is becoming more and more competitive. We directed a series of hero images to help market the USPs of the products whilst trying to find a space in the market amongst a lot of great visual advertisements.

Developing a design style for the brand and creating a quality foundation was important for the future of Cleatskins. Making the artwork instantly recognizable for future campaigns is the ultimate goal. We want potential customers or return customers to identify the style of visual immediately with the product.

We can create beautiful, animated videos to promote your product features and benefits

An impactful promotional video is a sure-fire way to engage your audience and generate sales inquiries. We created this video as part of an online marketing campaign. A tool we developed in a few days to send out on social channels as part of the launch campaign. We focused on the core pillars, features and benefits with a clear call to action on how people can find out more about the product.

Quick. Direct. Impact!

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I'd heard about ipulse through various networks and knew they had experience bringing products to market through creative campaign work. They were great and understood the brand, our ambition for Cleatskins and how to execute the ideas we brainstormed together. From the very beginning, they developed a campaign strategy to launch the brand in Hong Kong that covered social media marketing, web design, photography, videography and overall branding and graphic design disciplines. We now have a solid foundation for our product that we can build upon over the coming seasons.

Simon Galvin Owner and Director of Cleatskins

Building a Shopify website as a place to direct traffic and track conversions

As much as offline sales & marketing is an essential part of a product within this industry sector. It’s also important to have a digital presence that can serve as a central location to funnel all online activity. This makes it easier to track success, visitors and fluctuations in traffic as a result of the online marketing efforts, campaigns and promotions.

We chose Shopify for this as it provides an off-the-shelf solution for businesses looking for an online presence without having to invest in huge web design builds. Offering the most suitable and cost-effective solution is something we always try to do for our partners, we don’t oversell, ensuring the foundations are in place for when we hand over the keys!

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