Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club

Rediscover Quinta do Peru

Taking on large-scale rebranding projects is something we love. It’s where our passion for good design, strategy and past experiences come together. This project lasted 12 months and included a range of services from brand strategy and positioning to brand application and web design solutions.

After an overseas investor acquisition, the aim was to reconnect and rediscover. Exciting its members and the wider community locally and internationally with plans to rejuvenate. Improving old areas of the club and investing in building new ones. We aimed to ensure that an essential pillar within the community was retained whilst injecting some creativity, class and professional creative work to carry Quinta do Peru into the future.

2021 - 2022
Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / Branding Assets / Logo Design / WordPress / Website / Web Hosting / Support & Maintenance / Business Cards & Stationery Design

We are building an adaptable brand to ensure the club's longevity in the golfing community.

Located in Quinta do Conde, in Azeitão, it is considered one of the most prestigious golf courses on the Blue Coast. Quinta do Peru is one of Portugal’s most historic golf courses. Located in Quinta do Conde, in Azeitão, it is considered one of the most prestigious golf courses on the Blue Coast.

With any project of this nature, we always look back to look forward. What has the brand been doing? Do they have assets they maintain? How do its customers interact and feel about the brand? And how can we improve on all of those points?

brand positioning document is something we encourage all our partners to consider. Even if you are an existing brand with a history stretching 100 years. It’s important to always reconnect yourself with why you are doing something and how you plan to achieve it. The world changes at an alarming pace, and goals, missions, visions and tone of voice can change quickly. Don’t be precious to old ideas that no longer resonate with your audience.

Embarking on this portion of work at the beginning is what sets the foundation of everything else we work through on the project. Its findings feed into every idea and help tell the brand’s story. Consistency is the key to practical, creative work, so we love to get it right in words before a logo design is sketched.

Steven and his team immediately analysed our needs to create a differentiated brand identity. Compared to other branding agencies, Ipulse produced intelligent substance instead of superficial eye candy.

Byron Wong Global Design & Development Director at Reformosa

Our discovery journey begins with looking to the surrounding region for inspiration and looking at both Portuguese histories in a broad sense and the Arabiata region for more local flavours. We found that the area was home to many native plants, wildlife and delicacies we wanted to explore in the branding exercise.

Lavender, thyme, camomile & thistle are local to the region, growing wild as well as olives, pistachio and strawberry. It is also the home to wildlife such as eagles, kestrels, butterflies & foxes. We decided to use this as the basis of our concept, and focusing on the eagle was the logical progression. The dual connection between the bird local to the region of the course and the term “eagle” being a golf shot was an obvious direction.

Focusing on the feather, we combined that with a ball to develop a logo mark that is simple and iconic yet unique to the club. Building a brand is more than just a logo design, so we created a series of illustrations to incorporate these local elements. Using assets in this way makes a much deeper brand language and gives the club a more comprehensive array of freedom with the application when developing the club signage and products.

Building beyond the logo. An essential step in the branding process. Trust is built with consistency.

Brand guidelines are one of those deliverables that are either essential to clients or less warmly received. We love them, and they speak precisely to one of our mantras – Trust is built with consistency. Brand guidelines can be short and sweet or long and in-depth. There is a place for both, and we only produce guides for relevant applications that the brand will benefit from having. 

In the case of this project, we merged the brand positioning and brand guidelines documents for a central point of reference for the golf club. We included variations on their logos, including different orientations with varying information added and removed. All artwork files are handed over with this document. We share everything and want you to be self-sufficient should you need to be; if not, we’re always here to help!

Designing for the future! Ambitious business plans require solid foundations.

Applying the new brand to a whole heap of corporate collateral is the finishing touch of the branding journey. Setting the club up with everything they need to go out and produce new & existing items, liaise with contractors and suppliers and communicate their brand new vision to the world.

This is where the versatility of the brand shines through. Have we done our due diligence in ensuring a strong brand is established? We design with room to grow and the ability for management to steer the ship in whatever direction they need. From there, we want to commit that the brand can support them.

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Bespoke design & development of a WordPress Website

Every business operating today needs some form of an online presence. Quinta do Peru were focused on generating leads through SEO Search Engine Optimisation and, as a result, needed a comprehensive website that promotes their golf course. Communicates the company’s vision and unique selling points and stands up against its competitors. We developed a custom-built website using WordPress to accommodate future expansion and serve as a central hub for all member-focused communications.