Successfully rebranding a fast-growing technology company focusing on environmental sustainability in Asia.

Cornerstone Technologies (HKG:8391) approached us to take part in a six-way agency pitch to provide an overall “reposition” of their companies brands. We were awarded the contract in July 2020 for six months. The project covered all of their business lines of EV Charging, Energy, Recycling and IT.

This project showcases the full suite of branding services we offer as an agency. Our key strengths and our passion for what we do best.

2020 -2021
Brand Positioning / Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines/ Brand Naming / Brand Content Writing / Brochure Design / PowerPoint Presentation Design / Packaging Design / Business Card & Stationary Design / Copywriting / Translation / Photography / Web Design Services / WordPress

Sustainable innovation made accessible.

With a large scale project, it is essential to be organised and follow our proven branding process. We start with the discovery phase. We value a meeting with all the key decision-makers. This helps our team to clearly understand the timescale, vision and objectives for the project.

We engage our brand content writing partner and understand the current position of the company and the vision for the future. This enables the development of the new brand strategy and brand positioning to start. The new brand purpose was crafted:

Transforming environmental technologies through unparalleled innovation, making them more accessible to everyone.

The brand identity design brief was set for the team to design a Innovative, forward-thinking, International brand.

ipulse is built on IDEAS. The central idea of the concept was to develop a brand identity with the capability to have a stand-alone logo. We understood the brand would have one master corporate brand. From this, there are sub-brands. Experience and research show that a brand mark works for companies to identify different lines of business. By changing the colour of the brand mark, we can create identifiable sub-brands. 

We were aware of the technology and products the company produces. A stand-alone brand mark without the company name would be perfect for application across EV Chargers, Recycling Machines and Mobile Applications. 

We find it wise to show the client a set of brand colours with a subtle nod back to the original brand with a rebrand project. Font choice is essential when building a brand over B2B and B2C audiences.

The blue of the original brand was sky blue and was hard to replicate across digital assets. We suggested a darker version which we named “Eclipse”, which represents trust. The yellow represents innovation and technology, both of which are Cornerstone Technologies new brand values.

We chose a font for the brand identity which had a style of innovation and technology. We paired this with a round welcoming font for all communication as the brand is talking to customers. Trust and welcoming, we believe, work for both B2B and B2B Industries.

We built a custom responsive menu for desktop and mobile, with multilayers and scrolling functions providing easy navigation.

Maintaining clear brand consistency and delivering immersive experiences was our goal. Our graphic design team worked on a series of design templates for the entire site. We wanted to have a home page to convey a lifestyle brand. We achieved this by creating a brand video and clearly showcasing the sub-brands. Once the visitor navigates into the sub-brand areas, the design of the page changes. The products are visually impactful, and the team took advantage of the movement designers can create when working with Elementor. This proved to be a great way to display a lot of text in small readable amounts. As the viewer scrolls, the text transitions into the page.

Creating sub-brand names and taglines which have a clear brand DNA flowing down from the master brand.

Our copywriters expanded on the brand proposition document. Using the clear personas we created for the brand to identify the end-user. We were able to create unique brand names and straplines. Each one is accompanied by a brand colour that identifies with the end-user.

We created a distinct brand palette of colours for all lines of the business and, from this, we are able to start work on the sub-brands.

By far the biggest test to date as an agency and to see the work we created roll out and be accepted across Hong Kong brought a tremendous amount of confidence and pride to the teams capabilities.

Ben Browning Creative Director for the project

Brand consistency is one of the strengths we believe ipulse can deliver on when rolling out a new rebrand across multiple touch-points.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were created to cover the application of the brand from across the entire company. The ipulse graphic design team created designs running across all marketing channels. ipulse created every piece of content and translation through our copywriters. Deliverables included:

Product brochure design, PowerPoint presentation design, business card and stationery design, infographics and packaging design.

When working with ipulse, you will be rewarded with having a wealth of dedicated suppliers over a wide range of design services to support your project.

With 17 years of experience, we have built up a trusted network of partners. When you choose ipulse as your creative agency Hong Kong, you are in capable hands. 

Our creative director will oversee the extension of the brand and bring value to your brand across photography and videographymarketingweb design and graphic design. 

Seeing the Charging brand come to life and ipulse ideas come to life!.

The ipulse team worked with the client brief to roll out the CHARGING brand into Hong Kong. The brand was applied to car parks in Tuen Mun, where whole bays were branded. The EV charging machines were engraved and the team supported with interface design for the mobile application.

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