Creating a unique and innovative brand for a new face in the growth-stage venture market.

We were approached to design and develop a new and creative solution for the launch of VOR Capital.

The outline of the project was to create a unique and impactful positioning within the market. Their ambition was to appeal to cutting-edge technology companies and provide a solid foundation for the brand to build into the future.

Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / PowerPoint Presentation Design / Business Card & Stationary Design / Web Design Services / WordPress /

We are firm believers that technological innovation will drive solutions to many of today's largest problems. As such, we look to invest in these cutting-edge technology companies that are building these solutions.

As a sister company of Chiron Partners, VOR Capital was established to target an area of their developing portfolio of clients. Building a growth-stage venture firm meant they needed a forwarding-thinking concept with a nod to the group DNA of mythology.

In Norse mythology, Vor is a goddess associated with wisdom which was a concept we took forward when crafting the brand.

We developed a comprehensive start-up solution for their new brand enabling them to operate immediately in the market

Simple, impactful and agile were the words we constantly referred back to when developing the brand identity. Through our extensive market research, we were able to identify trends through colour and type and where we best envisioned VOR Capital to be positioned. We loved the simplicity of the blue tone and how we could use it to accent keywords and how we foresee the transition to business card and stationery design.

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A forwarding-thinking concept with a nod to the group DNA of mythology.

To help create synergy across the brands we decided to use a shared typeface to subtly tie them together whilst giving them the freedom to sit independently and function as so. The colour defines the VOR Capital brand but we wanted to develop it further. We went back to the original source of the mythological goddess VOR and found that traditionally it was spelt using the letter Ö.

We felt this would be an interesting addition to both the typography and the identity as a whole. We also try and build brands with assets we can use moving forward, building depth and character across the touchpoints.

A digital presence is essential to support any new brand looking to make big steps in their chosen field.

Due to the nature of the industry, the client did not want to feature too much information around their objectives, partnerships and investing interests. We built a clean concise presence where VOR Capital could be found when called upon.

There was a call for simplicity with clean, white areas to attract the technological field whilst in keeping with their financial background.

We largely build out web projects in WordPress, perfect for this type of business as it offers a scalable, agile CMS, which can be developed further at a later stage.

Our programmers work in tandem with the designers and the client. Working within a proven process means the project is a seamless transition from ideas into reality. Updates to the design are available in real-time, and the whole process can take just 2-4 weeks. 

We stay committed! We love to see brands grow and we love even more to be along for the ride.

Working directly with the team at VOR Capital meant that we were always in touch with the decision-makers. They valued the creative process, were clear on their vision and shared the plans for the group.

We have worked together on three separate projects which have enabled us to really get to know the field and industry they are in. This, in turn, means we can better advise, produce creative concepts and strategise how best to execute the visions for brands. You can visit their sister company Chiron Partners to see how we worked together on a full branding exercise.