Delivering a one-stop digital solutions platform in Asia for returning client AMTD Digital.

In 2019 we successfully partnered with AMTD Group to deliver a complete online digital experience for their AMTD International website. Fast forward to 2021 and a new digital landscape. Our agency proposed a new WordPress website built in the fantastic creation builder Elementor.

AMTD Digital has businesses spanning multiple verticals, including digital financial services, digital media, content & marketing, SpiderNet ecosystem solutions, and digital investments. We worked directly with their chairman Mr Calvin Choi and his Hong Kong team.

Web Design / WordPress

If, as an agency, you have successfully redesigned an entirely new website within 10 Days. Why not try and design and build one entirely from scratch in 21 Days?

We strategically had sub-teams solely responsible for the UX & UI, web design, programming, content migration and user acceptance testing. This time around, we also suggested building the client WordPress server and handle the live migration. We used online project management software, every individual in the team had precise tasks and deadlines.

We had one project manager overseeing all the sub-teams and keeping track of the overall timeline. 

We chose WordPress for its agile and scalable CMS. WordPress has a vast library of plugins available to improve functionality. When you pair this with Elementor, we can deliver a professional solution quickly for the client to review.

Creating web design layouts that work for business.

Our graphic design team designed a series of overarching concepts for the client to review. We had managed to agree on an overall design style for the website within 3-5 days with constructive feedback.

Following a new site map and a list of UX improvements, our team of designers started to work through new layouts. Due to the tight deadline, we had to take advantage of working directly in WordPress and the Elementor builder.

Content migration, re-styling and quality control, all part of our SEO optimisation strategy.

Our team handled the content insertion and associated styling for approximately 150 pages. We tested the data inserted for all pages and posts during the development phase. The programmers needed to handle any subsequent real content tweaks to the theme due to accurate content insertion.

Imagery and graphics needed to be resized by our graphic design team to fit the new layouts. We tested the data and image cleanse pre-launch and carried out the best SEO practices. The site included Google Analytics code for local tracking and analytics.

Pleasure working with Steven and his team. I'm impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and creativity.

Joseph Yau Executive Director at AMTD SpiderNet & Alliance

When a complete functioning test site is delivered,the user acceptance stage can begin.

Our web design team created a website using WordPress capable of dual-language to view across all devices. With the client’s team based in Hong Kong, the revision process was precise and responsive. Our team managed to keep on track and maintain a consistent level of engagement.

We focused on tech, innovation and interaction and wanted the website to take advantage of that movement. By using Elementor it gave our designers & developers the creative platform to implement dynamic content with layout flexibility.

The home page has video content and clearly showcases the four business pillars. Which includes the impressive digital investments the business has already secured. To keep the content fresh, we pulled dynamic news articles into the home page.

The website has a clear overview section explaining strengths and strategies and the management team. 

AMTD Digital’s Spidernet Eco-System solutions act as a super-connector for Asia-based entrepreneurs and corporates. Empowering and providing them with exclusive access to the AMTD SpiderNet. We concentrated the time we had on delivering an interactive solution for the client in this area.

Our developers deployed the website on a custom WordPress Server as part of the contract of service. Once the final website was signed off, our team handled the migration to the live stage.

Once again, the team proved their experience invaluable in bringing a quality project to market for a client in record time.

We also designed and programmed the AMTD International website and can read and see that project here.