A global website for The No.1 Independent Investment Banking Firm In Asia.

Founded In 2003 By Ck Hutchison Holdings, AMTD Inc. is the Leading Hong Kong-headquartered Comprehensive Financial Institution. We worked directly with their chairman Mr Calvin Choi. Our team had to quickly understand the pain points of the current WordPress site.

The diagnosis was the business had outgrown its existing web design. It was hard to navigate, maintain and did not portray the success of the firm.

Web Design / WordPress /

How we successfully redesigned and built an entirely new website within 10 Days before the bell rang on the New York stock exchange.

If you agree to build an entire website in 10 days, you must be confident in your team’s abilities. We strategically had sub-teams solely responsible for the UX & UI, web design, programming, content migration and user acceptance testing. We used online project management software, every individual in the team had precise tasks and deadlines.

We had one project manager overseeing all the sub-teams and keeping track of the overall timeline. 

We chose WordPress for its agile and scalable CMS. WordPress has a vast library of plugins available to improve functionality. When you pair these with a robust theme builder. Our team can deliver a professional platform quickly for the client to start to review.

Creating web design layouts that work for business.

Within 1-2 days, we had designed and presented overarching design concepts to the client. With constructive feedback, we had managed to agree on an overall design style for the website.

Following a new site map and a list of UX improvements, our team of designers started to work through new layouts. Due to the tight deadline, we had to take advantage of the WPBakery page builder. This meant working directly in WordPress and the Salient theme.

Content migration, re-styling and quality control, all part of our SEO optimisation strategy.

Our team handled the content insertion and associated styling for approximately 300 pages. We tested the data inserted for all pages and posts during the development phase. The programmers needed to handle any subsequent real content tweaks to the theme due to accurate content insertion.

Imagery and graphics needed to be resized by our graphic design team to fit the new layouts. We tested the data and image cleanse pre-launch and carried out the best SEO practices. The site included Google Analytics code for local tracking and analytics.

Pleasure working with Steven and his team. I'm impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and creativity.

Joseph Yau Executive Director at AMTD SpiderNet & Alliance

An entire functioning test site was delivered in 7 days.
The user acceptance stage can begin.

Our web design team created a WordPress website capable of a dual language to the client to test all devices. With the client’s team spread across Hong Kong and New York, the revisions and requests came back 24 hours a day. With little sleep, we managed to keep on track and maintain a consistent level of responsiveness to the client.

The key features of the live website include a rich content home page with dynamic media sections. The website has a clear overview section explaining the businesses strategies, board of directors and their advisories. The firms main business services have individual landing pages as part of the overall SEO and Googles Ads strategy. We also worked with a third party supplier to integrate a real-time investor relations section.

AMTD International believe their AMTD SpiderNet is the bedrock of their success. We concentrated a lot of time on delivering an interactive solution for the client in this area.

The final site was signed off a day early. The clients wish for the AMTD International brand to be consistently evident through the site’s navigation was fulfilled. We all needed to relocate our beds and catch up on our sleep.

The following day sat and watched live with great pride as the bell rang on the New York Stock Exchange. The chairman even found time to message the team WeChat to congratulate us on our efforts!

We have been recently reappointed to build the AMTD Digital Website.