Creating a smart-clear-energy drink brand for the Hong Kong consumer.

Clarity Smart Energy was founded by a group of people who are passionate about LIFE – highly energetic, hard-working and yet health-conscious. We were looking for healthy alternatives to stay ahead and alert, both physically and mentally, on days when tiredness catches up with us or sometimes we just need that extra boost for the gym session. We wanted something to carry around on us, just in case.

Start-up Business Clarity Smart Energy were recommended to ipulse. In the meeting with the owners, we were instantly excited to hear their vision for a new consumer brand to be launched in Hong Kong.

Clarity Smart Energy
2014 - 2016
Brand Research Proposition / Brand Architecture / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / Packaging Design / Shopify Website / Corporate Communications / Print Production

I am very pleased with the outcome of all the design work as well as the website solution Steven and his team delivered for clarity/smart energy

Sebastian Beer Founder & CEO