Zeal Asset Management


Project Details
  • Corporate Rebranding
  • Hong Kong & China Focus
  • 6 Month Project
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Communications
  • Brand Guidelines

Rebranding one of Asia’s Premier Asset Management Companies.

Zeal approached ipulse with the task to overhaul of their brand in order to increase their presence across Asia. Their brand mark was weak and unforgettable and had no synergy with their China Fund Product across all their corporate communications.

The new brand appeals to both western and eastern markets, an important aspect for the clients business globally.

Mutually the brand was brought forward through their brand collaterals and a comprehensive styleguide.

From the beginning we wanted to look at multiple aspects of the client’s brand simultaneously, building from the Chinese proverb and the origin of the Zeal name. The brand story unfolds starting from the logo mark, the ideology of ‘zeal’, (striving to better one-self,)

The logo was conceptualised for both the Zeal and Voyage China Fund, and to stand out we chose a credible, reliable palette for the Zeal brand, and a more aggressive, vibrant palette for the fund. Mutually the brand was brought forward through their brand collaterals, a comprehensive styleguide, and their printed collaterals such as a monthly Commentary, Fact Sheet, as well as a quarterly Pamphlet and Pitch Book.

For their brand presence online, we combined their current multiple websites into a single, brand-centric website that was modern, intuitive and clean for the desktop, and also a mobile version for handhelds.

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