Supporting Kellett International School with a full range of effective marketing materials alongside publication and printing services.

Kellett School is ‘THE’ British International School in Hong Kong. Founded over forty years ago as a Not-for-Profit Association, to provide a high-quality, British style education for the English speaking community in Hong Kong.

Kellet International School
2013 - 2016
Branding / Digital / Marketing / Brand Guidelines / Corporate Communications / Art Direction / Photography / Layout Design / Publishing / Print Production
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Colour and Material

The colours of red, black and white compromise one of the most distinguishable elements of the school’s identity. When you think Kellett School you visualise the strong British red of trust and harmony, for this particular project we swapped out the grey for silver foil to reflect the quality of the education the child receives and we applied this to the school’s logo on the covers of the prospectus.

The challenge: how can we capture three schools and tell the narrative to parents?

With two campuses and both the propriety and senior schools and all the amenities open to students the first challenge to overcome was planning the content structure and the format of the new prospectus.

With the school’s feedback, we decided upon 3 square books housed in a lightweight but elegant self-folding sleave with a silver foil finish.

The solution: images that speak a thousand words and words that tell the story of the truly remarkable school experience.

The final prospectus portrays all the school’s values and principles, it showcases the school’s vast array of talented students and the award-winning environment their teaching staff have to work in.

At Kellett School we have done a lot of work with Steven and his team at ipulse, over a number of years. Every step of the way his team were efficient, professional and full of wonderful ideas. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Nicola Bruce Development & Communications Manager at Kellett International School