Hokkaido Dairy Farm

2015 -2019

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Concept
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Activation
  • Agency Retainer

Marketing one of Hong Kong’s best loved restaurant chains.

Inspired by the charm of both the Hong Kong and Japanese restaurant cultures, Hokkaido Dairy Farm launched in 2009 as an exciting and welcoming casual dining experience. Fusing together traditional Hong Kong cuisine with a Japanese hint, there is currently ten outlets throughout Hong Kong.

Hokkaido Dairy Farm Tsim Sha Tsui banner photos of people
Hokkaido Dairy Farm HDF branding by ipulse branding and marketing agency hong kong

We ran various campaigns, creating a greater brand awareness for HDF on and offline.

Color & material

A youthful pallette of colours that express the brands values of  Traditional Cha Chaan Teng combined with elegant Japanese simplicity.

Pantone: Blue 0821 C


Pantone: Red 032 C


Pantone: 551 C


The Challenge

Seeking a new and exciting way to celebrate their 10th store opening in Hong Kong.

The aim was to tell the local community that the store situated on a 3rd floor inside a mall was now open for business! After detailed research and brainstorming we proposed a live brand activation to our client. We concentrated on two main aspects, one was to create a buzz on the street and get the brand appearing around the neighbourhood and the second was to use social media to spread the word further.

The Solution

We were partnered with HDF as their sole marketing agency,

We brought in a full time account manager to bridge the communication gap and strategically planned out promotions and events across the ten stores . We ran various campaigns, creating a greater brand awareness for HDF and we were responsible to create a multitude of advertising collaterals for online and traditional print media. We unified all the brand messaging, ran the companies first ever brand activation event and through strategic social media planning, increased the companies organic growth by 30%.

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