Responsive website for a new venture in the corporate leadership and coaching space.

Becci Walker and Steven Peng established Evolve to bring a fresh, vibrant approach to leadership development in the Asia Pacific and beyond. Becci and Steven are in the business of cultivating human potential to drive commercial success and personal fulfilment.

ipulse was engaged to build a responsive WordPress website that showcased the wealth of experience Becci and Steven had, as well as, the services they were offering. The aesthetics of the site were very much a focus, as the new branding direction had to be reflected and highlight the ethos of the business.

Web Design Services / WordPress / Web Hosting / Support & Maintenance

Evolve is built around people and we know people love to find new business online, so we focused on a fully responsive design.

We started with a sitemap structure and developed a user flow for the site. Working with the client, we identified which pages were most important. From there, we mapped out frameworks for the design layouts to navigate the user intuitively through the website.

The website’s core function was to provide a hub of information around the services that Evolve offer as well as showcasing the vibrant and professional personalities of the coaches.

Working with WordPress offers a start-up business a CMS framework that is scalable and affordable.

When we start the design phase, we are working with an agile CMS, which means our team can quickly show the client ideas of layout for review.

Our graphic design team honour the brand assets and guidelines supplied by the client. They have the experience and creativity to take the guides and produce intuitive web layouts.

Our programmers work in tandem with the designers and the client. Working within a proven process means the project is a seamless transition from ideas into reality. Updates to the design are available in real-time, and the whole process can take just 2-4 weeks.

Working directly with Steven and Becci meant that we were always in touch with the decision-makers. They valued the creative process and were clear on their brand vision. It is a classic business brochure website, allowing new viewers a seamless interaction into their business offerings.

For the first year, we supported their business with web hosting, support and maintenance and it is with great pleasure to see their business flourish.