Our ideas and experience helped Carlsberg successfully launch a B2B craft beer brand in Hong Kong.

We were approached by Carlsberg (HK) to create a B2B craft beer brand. The brand would need to resonate with the craft beer community and F&B entrée. The brand’s tone of voice would need to sound knowledgeable to the trade and approachable for the craft beer consumer.

Starting with the brand strategy and brand positioning, we worked alongside the Hong Kong marketing team to create a clear and unique brand identity.

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Craft & Crew, call us distributors, suppliers or just craft beer lovers. Every crate at Craft & Crew holds the story of a true craft brew.

We named the brand Craft & Crew. Craft, expressing the craft and skill required in brewing a craft beer. The Crew is the team that travels the world to bring back the best quality craft beers.

Craft & Crew, call us distributors, suppliers or just craft beer lovers.

We knew that the brand identity would always need to be used in multiple settings. Its need for applying to a host of different media meant that encapsulating the lock-up was essential for protecting its integrity.

Steven's company ipulse has on countless occasions delivered us with an excellent final product whether that be a product rebrand or a fully functional website set out to our exact specifications. I would recommend Steven and his ipulse team to anyone looking for world class design solutions.

James Beacher Commercial Head - C&S Brands at Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong Limited

A brand identity idea based on brand positioning.

The central idea of the brand mark was to show the two sides of the business through the use of two styles of fonts. The word craft represents a personal feel. We created our own font and paired it with a bolder font for the word crew that represented the company’s business side.

The two are linked by a bar that runs through the design. Conceptualising the consumer and the service supplier meeting across the bar for a craft beer.

We created an agile craft beer brand that communicates across all media touch points.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were created to cover the application of the brand when appearing alongside partner brands. The ipulse graphic design team created a specific brand DNA that ran across all marketing channels. Deliverables included but were not limited to packaging design, brochure design and PowerPoint presentation design.

Brews sourced from across the world are now available to consumer's fingertips and lips.

Our web design team created a WordPress website in dual language.

The brand story and messaging were evident through the navigation of the site. Our graphic design crew created brand assets for the design of the pages. They also worked with the individual beer brand guidelines to ensure a high level of consistency was maintained. Craft beer enthusiasts can quickly locate their closest bar to sample refreshing HK YAU, Grimbergen, Poretti and Brooklyn Beers with an interactive map.

Marketing Campaigns were developed with our creative director and team overseeing the brand photography and videography. We stayed engaged as a creative design agency to deliver a social media strategy, social media content creation and social media management across the first year of launch.

We were happy to see the beer be adopted and savoured across Hong Kong’s craft beer community and collaborated on a series of future event marketing initiatives.

Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media
Craft & Crew Social Media

Introducing Craft & Crew