A startup branding exercise for a computer technology company with a mission to be the shining star in a new breed of Computer Vision industry.

Acamar is a binary star system that lies at a distance of 161 light-years from Earth. They deliver computer vision technology focusing on the revolutionary neural network-enabled ISP (Image Signal Processor) to customers looking to innovate by embracing cutting-edge technologies.

With all this in mind, we embarked on the creation of five unique concepts, each focusing on the different yet essential elements of the Acamar brand. The result was a clean, tech-focused brand identity design with bold, vivid colours reflecting the nature of their industry.

We wrapped up the logo design process with business cards & stationery design, and brand guidelines.

Logo Design / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines / Business Cards & Stationery Design
[video src="https://www.ipulsedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Acamar-Branding-Logo-Reveal-Animation.mp4" /]

Working with ipulse has been a wonderful journey! The whole team is just so professional, so imaginative and really dedicated to creating something new and inspiring. They help us to visualize our business vision and more than that, they bring out the uniqueness of our brand identity. Highly recommended!

Su Xiao at Acamar