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Video content is excellent at engaging customers on an emotional level and a logical one. When it comes to customer conversions and driving sales, customer engagement through video content can place you ahead of your competitors by providing cost-effective and efficient ways of interacting with customers and building long term customer relationships.

Customer engagement is gaining increasing popularity throughout the world, as a growing number of companies recognise the true worth and impact that client interaction can have on their company.


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What better way to keep customers coming back than making them feel like they’re a part of your brand’s story?


Customer engagement is defined as the art of interacting with your consumers and developing customer connections, which is why video content has come to play an essential role in every online marketing campaign.

Video marketing has been shown to be more effective at engaging an audience than other forms, such as text or images, making it the best way to reach new audiences.


Cleatskins – Launch Campaign Promotion Video


There are three main areas where customer engagement plays a crucial role in successful businesses: customer retention, customer experience, and customer conversions. Video content is the perfect solution for all three of these things because:

• Video content is more memorable.

• Video content is more persuasive.

• Video content is more engaging.

Firstly, customer engagement through video content is a great way to retain customer loyalty and memories. Younger generations value storytelling and sharing experiences with friends and family over simply reading customer testimonials on a company website or visiting their social media pages. So, what better way to keep customers coming back than making them feel like they’re a part of your brand’s story?

One way of doing this is to share customer stories that will engage viewers emotionally—allowing them to relate to the subject matter.


A successful marketing strategy will include a solid plan of how to include videography in their execution. Videos are proven repeatedly to increase customer retention by creating brand loyalty. Brands can use this to help present ideas to potential customers to solve their problems.


LifeFitness x Anytime Fitness – B2B Partnership Promotional Video

Video content has become the most popular way to share information, engage audiences and turn them into customers. Our clients request videos for many different applications that are not always explicitly made with product marketing or social media strategy in mind. We have created promotional B2B/C video content with informational & engaging formats.


We are giving our clients the tools to speak directly at their prospects while also providing valuable insights on what makes them unique from other competitors out there!




We have the perfect video for you! Take a look at some of our most recent Promotional Video’s throughout this post and see how we’ve helped some great brands connect with their audience.

We are currently offering 22% off video marketing projects which includes the following deliverables:

• 30-second promotional video
• Stock footage included
• Content writing included
• Branded to your business

Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch about how ipulse can partner with your business please fill in the contact form send an email or give us a call.

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