Are you looking to hold a digital or reduced capacity event amidst Covid-19 restrictions?


We can be your on-hand creative team during these challenging times.



Our Packages

We recognise that no two brands are the same, which is why we have designed a scalable approach to add value to your event. With each of the packages, you get the same access to our creative team ensuring that your brand and your project are in same hands.

Package 1


$30,000 HKD
  • Event Key Visual – x3 Concepts
  • Social Media – x3 Sizes
  • Campaign Tagline – x3 Concepts
  • Event Promo Video – 30 Seconds
  • Email Signature

Package 2


$60,000 HKD
  • Event Key Visual – x3 Concepts
  • Social Media – x3 Sizes
  • Campaign Tagline – x3 Concepts
  • Event Promo Video – 1 Minute
  • Email Signature
  • Event Key Visual Style Guide

Why is this good for me?

With the world as it is, budgets forever tightening, work-from-home an ever-present elephant in the room it might be an ideal time for you to approach your creative, marketing and campaign promotion differently. We can act swiftly, professionally and provide you with some stunning visuals to help give you the time you need to roll it out! The best thing about it is if you want us to stick around and help we can.

How does this benefit me?

If you’re looking to still run the same amazing events, move quickly on your audience looking for something new or simple save budget on your design, marketing and campaign strategy then this is for you!

What's the catch?

There isn’t one. We can be hands-on or hands-off and you can scale up or scale down purely based on what you need for your event.

Your package will include the following

Event Key Visual

Let’s get your event noticed. A visually striking creative sets the tone for a great event!

Social Media

Reach your audience through bespoke graphics tailored to your campagin.

Campaign Tagline

Define goals, build a brand and develop key creative assets.

Event Promo Video

The most engaging way to promote your event or wrap it up is through video.

Event Key Visual Style Guide

We’ll set you up with clear guides on how to apply your event creative to anything and everything you’ll need to.

Event Website

Direct all event traffic to your event website and control it all from one convenient CMS.

Email Signature

It’s a formality but we’ll throw one in to keep it professional!

Our Approach

We value your opinions and input at every stage and we want you to know that what we create is yours.

1. Discovery

In your¬† Discovery Session, we’ll learn about your business, your goals and objectives, where you are now vs where you want to be, your ideal event, current strategy, and more.

2. Research

We will carry out our own market research and analysis giving us a great insight into your business. Any audience analysis, previous event metrics or key demographics you have at this stage will help shape the direction.

3. Strategy

Once the direction and objectives are set, we’ll create a timeline around how we’re going to approach each deliverable and when you’re likely to receive your creative designs.

4. Action

When the plan is agreed, we’ll start to action the ideas, our team will create original concept artwork and begin to bring your campaign to life.

5. Management

We’ll make sure your content strategy and marketing visions are regularly referred back to. We can help you as much or as little as you like post-launch.

6. Analysis

We’re not going anywhere. We are here to help notice certain things that work, and others that don’t. Because we’ll be checking in regularly, we’ll be able to react to these natural peaks and valleys quickly offering ideas and advice where we feel it can add value.

Other brands have seen the benefits of this approach, why not contact us today to learn more?

Case Studies

Campus France Marketing Campaign

Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Branding 2020

2019 hong kong rugby 7s poster advertisement square crop player holding rugby ball

Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Tournament Branding

Start creating an amazing event today.