To build a successful brand you need an agency that fuses creative ideas with a well managed process in order to efficiently deliver all the moving parts on time.

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A word, given to a creative process that we designers love nothing more!
Probably, the biggest question we help clients answer is “What is Branding?

So what is branding, and why have you landed on this page?

Commonly, the people we meet are from two camps:

The first being a new startup (SME) or an Entrepreneur. They have the idea but need a creative design agency to bring their ideas to life.

The second is a company that requires corporate branding. They have no longer communicate the correct message to their audience. They need fresh ideas from a creative design agency to re-energise their brand. Steering them towards their newly defined business goals.

To carry out a successful branding exercise there are several steps required. We start with the brand positioning. This is the process of understanding how your brand fits into the ecosystem of competitors, stakeholders, and customers. Developing a tailored brand strategy helps understand where a brand has been, its current market position and its long-term goals. Within these stages, we will also explore the benefits of professional market research, brand naming or brand content writing. With these foundations successfully in place, our team can conceptualise your brand identity. Accompanied by comprehensive brand guidelines for your business. Our agency takes on every branding project as an opportunity to become a long term, invested partner in the growth of your business. We offer a full suite of brand management and marketing solutions.

Branding or Rebranding. We have crafted a process over the last 17 years which delivers results. Across a wide range of B2B & B2C industries, we are a proven partner of creative services and solutions.

The Creative Process

Every creative design agency has one of these in place and claims it to be unique. Our process has been built through trial and error, care and attention, a lot of listening and constant refinement. What we have now is a well oiled creative process that is proven to deliver results.


There are two discovery phases. The first, when you pick up the phone and we speak for the first time. We will be asking you lots of simple questions to understand your branding project. The second discovery phase happens once we are engaged. We value a meeting with all the key decision-makers. This will help to clearly understand the timescale, vision and objectives for the branding project. We will then relate this to your sales and marketing goals.


ipulse is built on IDEAS. When choosing a creative design agency, you need a proven creative team that has the experience and passion to create a unique brand for your business. Our work proudly showcases hundreds of original creative ideas. Proven to work across B2B & B2C industries. At ipulse we don’t pigeonhole our creativity into one genre.


We transform ideas into concepts. We present these by showcasing the brand across more than just a Business Card. Based on the project deliverables we always try to present our concepts as Brand identity, Brand Positioning and Web Design. A choice of Photography, and Stationery Design. We then discuss the concepts with you. Welcoming all feedback and from there, decide upon a preferred direction in which to proceed.


Earlier we mentioned the importance of choosing a creative design agency that can manage processes. Executing all the agreed deliverables on time is something we value highly. Whilst the graphic design and web design teams are busy working on developing concepts. The project management will be closely monitored to ensure everything is completed on time.


The number of times we meet new clients that say that they don’t own their design files from previous agencies is astonishing. At ipulse we believe that what we create together you own. At the end of the project, we will professionally deliver all materials. They will be packaged to industry standards and delivered alongside Brand Management support should you require it.


With the brand identity proudly unveiled and the brand strategy executed. This is where we can stay working alongside you as a trusted partner to offer valued support. As your business grows, offering ongoing creative ideas will hopefully become essential. By the end of the project, there will be no other creative agency that will understand the inner workings of your brand more than we do.

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