We look to work with the best so our partners receive the very best.

We continue working whilst other agencies are sleeping…zzz

The core business and the design team are based in Causeway Bay allowing us easy access to the corporate and lifestyle brands that we partner with here in Hong Kong.

Our satellite office brings a wealth of experience and capabilities with a dedicated digital team based in the UK linked to the team in Hong Kong. We have the capabilities to be working 24hrs a day allowing our clients to experience quicker turnaround times than usually possible.

We look to work with the best so our clients receive the very best.

Scaling our team and expertise is something we have invested heavily in, the role of an agency is forever changing and as a business, there is a need to keep our team versatile and agile with the capabilities to scale up and down.

We have a wealth of creative talent partnered with ipulse, individuals and businesses that we have a proven track record of working with based here in Hong Kong and globally.

Working with ipulse means our clients gain access to
the very best creative talent for their project.

Our network creates added value for our clients, (everyone loves a little bit extra:)

Experience, track record, and proven creativity, if they are all evident then our new clients have the confidence to partner with us and start the creative journey together. Experience brings a proven network and this is where we create added value for our clients. When a new client comes on board they are given access to the ipulse creative family as we like to call them, Creative Writers, SEO Experts, Photographers, and Social Media strategists, whatever specialism your project needs we have the ability to handle the whole process.

We ensure there is a clear Brand DNA running throughout.

Our clients value having one central contact for all their creative needs, it means productivity is increased, the process is streamlined by having one central line of communication and most importantly the creatives are overseen by one creative director so everything that is created within a brand campaign has a consistent voice and brand DNA.

Down memory lane (and a few more side-streets)

ipulse started in 2004 by our founder Steven, a printed portfolio and a good pair of trainers. To build our business we literally walked the streets of Hong Kong, knocking on doors, working hard and falling more in love with this city every day.

Sounds a little sentimental? We know, but that’s the truth.

Fast forward to today, and we haven’t lost that energy, excitement and entrepreneurial get-up-and-go. It’s what makes us, us. Developing creative solutions and new ideas is a job we love, we’re a hardworking, energetic and multilingual team who are happy to be of service.

We bring ideas to life, make a start today.

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